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The Practice has a standard fee structure based on common financial practices operated by most insurance companies.

Self-paying and insured patients are welcome.

Private Medical Insurance

The Practice of Dr Cam Wareham provides treatment to patients who hold policies with most major Private Medical Insurance (PMI) providers.

Insurance companies require a GP referral letter to be completed before they will consider funding any treatment. Companies then normally request completion of a claim form by the consultant. A small nominal disbursement charge will be made for this. You are reminded that the patient remains liable for any fees incurred that are not covered in full by their insurance.

N.B Please note that foot orthoses and post-operative braces may not be covered by insurance. You are advised to check with your insurance provider for specific details.

Paying For Your Own Treatment

Growing numbers of people are opting to pay for their own treatment because it is fast, affordable and convenient. For outpatient consultations we are able to accept payment by cash or cheque (or credit card at the Nuffield hospital), which will be payable at the time of the consultation.

Quotations can only be given once a consultation has taken place and your individual treatment needs have been identified. We will then provide you a written quotation with details of what is included in the price.

For conditions requiring surgery; our Self Pay Option packages offer you the peace of mind of knowing, in advance, exactly how much your treatment will cost. After seeing your consultant and having had your personal needs identified, you will be given an inclusive, fixed price quotation.

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