Tendon trouble?

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Tendon trouble?

Injuries to the tendon are never easy to treat in the conventional way.

Ice, massage and physical therapy play an important role in these conditions. Orthotic and insole therapy help by re-aligning the foot and allowing the bio-mechanics of the leg to alter as a method of off-loading the injured tendon.

But what happens when that does not work?

Steroid injection if used carefully can help. Recently we have begun to use the ‘Topaz’ system from Arthrocare. As a small operative procedure, it works well in causing a small degree of very targeted tendon ablation (damage) to the area of inflammation to stimulate healing. Often best applied when the tendon is chronically inflamed, it works well be restoring the blood flow to the area. Healing is relatively rapid and activity is often restored after a few weeks. Its current use is for Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Like all innovation in health, we await the long term results but are certainly impressed with the outcomes to date.